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Event Production Services
                                         EVENT PRODUCTION SERVICES

Traveling today with any amount of luggage is challenging.  Add to that photographic and video equipment such as tripods, chargers, and back-up equipment in case something fails. Let Futurum Films carry the equipment and capture your event in style. 

Futurum Films and Madtown Media in Sudan, 2001

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TRAVEL EVENTS  Domestic or international travel with an experienced Documentarian, whose singular mission is to capture your journey in high definition video and photographs, is both satisfying and liberating. You are free to enjoy being in the moment, knowing that they are being carefully preserved. Within eight weeks of your return, a documentary chronicling  your trip will be delivered in the format of your choice.  Photographic coffee table books can also be provided.

LOCAL EVENTS  Futurum Films also produces domestic: individual, family and business events. Events can be covered by a crew or a single camera person, depending upon your needs.

Pricing  packages are available for travel and local events and vary by the length and breadth of the event.
 We will be happy to discuss your needs and preferences and provide a quote.

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